Orthodox Masonry is a design/build firm specializing in structural masonry and timber frame construction. Seeking to create buildings that are both structurally and aesthetically resilient, we offer an alternative to disposable construction. Orthodoxy, as a building philosophy, is the commitment to long held truths. It is the realization that we are a part of an ongoing conversation and we ought to turn an attentive ear to those who came before us. In listening to those past builders, we come to trust the concepts that receive continual affirmation. For thousands of years, builders have been raising structures out of solid masses of brick and stone, making walls that are plumb, level, and square, and creating designs that achieve harmonious geometrical proportions. We commit ourselves to these essential truths. 


         Both past and future inform how we approach a given project. From the past, we recognize what materials and methodologies endure. For the future, we recognize that the materials and methods we use must endure as well. We take the longview.


Let us rightly consider those long held truths, and let us begin building upon them