"People first paid honour to a spot and afterwards gained glory for it. Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her."
GK Chesterton
The Bellwether Bag

The Bellwether Bag





  1. the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck.

  2. an indicator or predictor of something.


The design process for this bag is nearing completion. Beginning as a means to replace my old Medallion bags, this project now shows signs of becoming its own venture. Taking its cues from traditional carpenter's bags and nail aprons, this first model functions as a practical proof of concept. It's complex enough to showcase the design principles and practices that I want to bring to leather working, while remaining simple enough to cut my teeth on.

In many respects, the Bellwether bag represents my language of leather working. The concepts fleshed out here are ready to speak into future designs. Below, I've jotted down some  the techniques and technical aspects. Production-wise, the only features not finished are the hammer holster and tape holder hardware pieces. The plan is to hand forge both aspects, but for now salvaged parts are serving as placeholders. I hope that the design language of this bag gives you the verbiage to ask for better and more distinct gear. 




10-12 oz. veg tan leather, Wickett & Craig

1.0mm waxed nylon thread, Ritza

Waxed and burnished edges

Saddle stitched by hand 

Double stitching at each end of a run

Anchor tabs secure bag rims

Edges are double over, preventing tears

Chicago rivets set with Loctite

Two stitching runs and rivets per interior seam

Bags hold water. No leaks. See above.





For you folks keen to order, preorder, pre-preorder, or just want to stay in the loop sling me an email here and I'll add you to a list. Right now, that list means little considering there are no ongoing orders or preorders. But we are taking pre-preorders, so there's that. 

Also, if you have any design considerations or occupational uses that you want to bring to my attention please comment below. There's already interest in tool bags specially designed for theater set designers and stage workers. Who knew!

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HFA Gathering 2017

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